My favorite songs: CHER “BELIEVE”

CHER “BELIEVE” 1998 Genre: Dance-pop (U.S.A.)

This was also one of my favorite songs from when I was a teen. I love how the song is put together and the message in the song. It was one of the first songs to use auto-tune and created the Cher effect when other artists started using auto-tune.  Cher was, is and will always be one of the greatest artist of all time.


Steed’s Dairy (Grovetown, Georgia)

Saturday was Veteran’s Day, and my mom and step-dad were in the military, both now retired. So thank you both for serving. 

My parents wanted to take our kids, my wife and I to Steed’s Dairy on Veteran’s Day. Steed’s Dairy is in Grovetown, Georgia, not too far from Augusta, Georgia where we live. Three of our kids have been there on school trips, but my dad, wife and I have never been. It a fun little place with fun things for mostly kids to do. There is a corn maze that is pretty cool to go through, a hay ride around, a bunch of places for kids to play like a small house, a castle, sand pile, corn pit, a bouncy air thingy and a large slide plus some other stuff.

There is also a small barn with animals and a pumpkin patch next to it. We got to see a cow being milked. Our kids really enjoyed that. There was also a large birthday party while we were there. It was kinda cold but mostly from the wind (53F with 10 mph wind). Like I said, it a small place but lots of fun. Below is a few pics from the barn. Enjoy ☺

I’m back

I’m back on here. Just been spending time with my family and contemplating life. Life is difficult sometimes, but I love living. There is nothing else like it. Like today, I made some awesome Low Country Boil that I loved when I was younger in Savannah. Take a look.

Potatoes, turkey sausage, corn and shrimp boiled with onions, celery and seasonings. I should have used bigger shrimp though. Next time I will It tastes great, and that is why I love life.

Cooking has always been one of my passions. I love cooking and almost made it into a career, but alas, it’s now like my main hobby. I love cooking anything, from sweets to full dinners. I’m gonna make my family Currywurst soon. They never had it, and I haven’t had it since I left Germany when I was younger, and I know no place in Georgia that makes it. I’ll post pics of some stuff I made so I can share with y’all, and though you can’t taste it unless you make it yourself, you can taste it in your mind. Plus I’m gonna continue the other stuff I said I would. Love life, love living, love each other. Glad to be back 😊

The world is messed up…

My heart goes out to all the victims of the terrorist attack in Las Vegas. May the dead rest in peace and the injured recover quickly, though I know the psychological scars will remain a long time if not forever. I hope that we as a country come together to do what we have to to prevent another attack like this, but I know many won’t. To some people, its always too early to talk about gun control, even before the next attack. It’s sad and disappointing. If 20 kids being slaughtered in their school doesn’t do shit, then I believe nothing will. Some American love their fucking guns more than other peoples lives. Its sick and twisted. America needs to do better. Humanity needs to do better…