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A rental nightmare x2

My parents own about 6 rental houses. Most of the renters are good people and don’t cause trouble. But a few nights ago, my parents had a really bad renters experience. Bad probably isn’t the right word, it was a nightmare. It’s the 2nd time in a few months that has happened to them. 

The first time was bad enough. At first, the renters seemed like decent people. They paid the rent on time and were pretty clean. They also owned animals without permission. My parents have an animal policy now due to these people. But the renters had about 3 dogs and some other animals. Then something happened.

I worked on a vacant rental property next door. My parents own 3 properties in a row. As I worked I noticed that the property next door kept getting more trashy. They hid a broke down Ford Explorer in the back yard, and tried to cover it with more trash in the hopes we didn’t notice it. 

Well I did, plus all the other trash and junk on the back porch.

(These were taken after they uncovered the Explorer again.)

That wasn’t even the worse part about these renters, the worse was yet to come. 

After a couple of months they stopped paying their rent and telling my parents that they’d get the rent soon. Soon came and went, and it was time to evict them. In Georgia it can be a long process, and you can’t move anything out of the house until the court finalizes the eviction AND a county Marshal is at the house when the people are to move their stuff out.

Now the worse part. On eviction day, my parents could finally get into their own rental property. And what did we find? Well besides the power turned off, we found nasty old clothes, dog shit everywhere, roaches, toys and random junk everywhere. The people had the electricity turned off and left their 3 dogs in the house WHILE they were living in another house. It was the worse house I, my parents or the county Marshal had ever been in. 

And the kicker?

They had the audacity to show up and take some of their stuff on the same day we were cleaning out their shitty house. Boy we’re my parents and I pissed. (Lets not even get into the lazy workers my parents hired to move stuff out. They did 10% work and 90% sitting on their asses.) Needless to say, my parents were not happy for a while. Eventually we got the house cleaned out and back to “normal”, as in it took a while for the horrible smell to go away.

The second nightmare, whew!

My mom told me that these renters seemed like nice people, but acted suspicious. For example, when she would go get the rent, the guy would stand in front of the door and block it to make sure my mom wouldn’t see inside. Not surprisingly, these renters didn’t last very long. 

The night of this nightmare started with me putting my sons to sleep. Their room is toward the road. For about 10 minutes, lots of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances rushed down the road, illuminating the room with blue, red and white lights. I joked to myself “that would be crazy if they were going to one of my parents properties.” Sometimes you gotta be careful how you joke. 

At about 1 a.m. my mom called and needed some wood and a hammer. I asked her what for and she told me that at one of their houses the door was kicked in and the guy got shot. I was like holy shit.

I took the wood and hammer to the house and the police were leaving just as I arrived. I live just one neighborhood over, so it took me literally about a minute to get there. My brother was with my mom. Apparently the police hadn’t called my mom, it was another one of their renters 2 houses down. 

I entered the house and the strong odor of weed hit my nose. You knew the police were looking around because it looked like it. The side door was where the guys came in and shot the guy down the hall. My mom wanted me to make sure the windows were secure. The bedroom had blood on the floor, and I had to step over it to get to the window. Even though the guy lived, it was still creepy to see the blood on the floor and the what if if the guy had been killed and still would have been there. 

After the windows were secured, we had to clean out the fridge. Two of the bullets went through the fridge, and one of the bullets went through the motor and busted the fidge. We had to take everything out, and it was a mess. 

The reason the guy didn’t want my mom seeing into the house was because he sold drugs out of the house. On one of the tables there was still a little weed and a white powdery substance which looked like cocaine. The police found liquid cocaine.  They had 3 kids and my mom told me that luckily they asked to spend the night at their grandmother’s house that day. My brother found a hamster in the kids room which my mom took til the grandmother could pick it up. 

My parents found out that the woman lied about her name because she was wanted on a bench warrent, and the guy was also wanted. 

It’s gonna take a little while, but this house like the other will be rented out again, hopefully with no more bullets or dog shit.

(My parents wouldn’t give me pictures of the 2nd house and there are no pictures of the inside of the 1st house due to contamination issues. Sorry.)

All in all both rental nightmares were probably the worst but on different scales. My parents have changed up their rental agreement to include both a down payment for pets and background checks. Hopefully there will be no more trouble and my parents and the renters can live in peace. Take care and be careful if you rent. 



Watch out for a cameo from Leandro Firmino aka Zé Pequeno (Li’l Zé) from the movie Cidade de Deus (City of God). (One of my favorite movies of all time. More about that later.)