The world is messed up…

My heart goes out to all the victims of the terrorist attack in Las Vegas. May the dead rest in peace and the injured recover quickly, though I know the psychological scars will remain a long time if not forever. I hope that we as a country come together to do what we have to to prevent another attack like this, but I know many won’t. To some people, its always too early to talk about gun control, even before the next attack. It’s sad and disappointing. If 20 kids being slaughtered in their school doesn’t do shit, then I believe nothing will. Some American love their fucking guns more than other peoples lives. Its sick and twisted. America needs to do better. Humanity needs to do better…



My heart ❤ goes out to the victims of today’s terrorist act in Charlottesville, Va. To Heather Heyer, may you Rest in Peace 🌹. To the injured victims, I hope for a quick recovery. White supremacy, hatred, bigotry, racism, fascism must and will be defeated. One love, one humanity.

Smash the fascists! Black Lives Matter! Love, not hate ❤💙💚💛💜! The People United, Will Never be Defeated!

Shout out to the livestreamer Rebelutionary Z. You are a true reporter and hero. Be safe.

Why can’t tRump say white nationalism, white supremacy, or radical white terrorism? You know why.